First impressions are everything. When you are a homeowner, there are few places that stand out as prominently to a visitor as your front yard. Whether a condo, a cape, a colonial, or a ranch, these easy and essential top tips will make your curb appeal pop this summer (and increase your property’s attractiveness to potential buyers)!

  1. Keep Your Lawn Trimmed – an easy one to start! Weekly lawn cutting will keep your yard looking neat and presentable. Don’t forget to weed whack the edges!
  2. Replace Old Hardware – from house numbers to a stylish, wall-mounted mailbox, attractive hardware on a building’s exterior does a lot to make it stand out. Replace the old with the new and give the outside a new lease on life!
  3. Outdoor Lighting – place lighting across the yard to highlight the best bits, or accent particular characteristics, such as a tree or ceramic feature. For those on a budget, solar powered lighting can be just as effective as hard-wired solutions.
  4. Planter Beds and Edging – pull out those weeds and trim back those rose bushes! Add new mulch to restore color and give your edging some TLC. Try washing and realigning pieces that have come loose. If the time has come for something new, cast concrete edging can provide a decorative touch. 
  5. Replace Gutters – they take a lot of abuse, and after a while, the wear and tear on gutters and downpipes starts to show. Unfortunately, damage to these components might suggest that other parts of your home have also seen better days. Snap fit vinyl systems require no painting and few tools, while those looking for a lavish touch could try a copper system.
  6. Paint the Trim and Siding – a coat of paint can do wonders, whether on the exterior or inside your property. Get creative with your designs and contrast the main color with a complementary tone on the windows and shutters.
  7. Tidy the Driveway – from the simple fixes, such as weeding and re-staining your concrete, to adding a decorative border to mark the edges of your lawn, a tidy driveway does a lot to enhance curb appeal!
  8. Pressure Wash Surfaces – and while you’re updating the driveway, pressure washing surfaces can remove all those stubborn marks and stains that conventional washing misses. You’ll be surprised just how clean everything looks after this simple trick!
  9. Love Your Porch – it’s the entrance to your home, so give it the attention it deserves. Dressing your porch with simple additions, such as a seat, a welcome mat, or planters on either side of the door, frames your home and says “welcome” to visitors. 
  10. Window Boxes – make the most of those seasonal blooms! Add window boxes that complement your color scheme (see step 6) and fill them with attractive flowers and plants. Easy! 

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