Homeownership is both a seasonal and a monthly undertaking. What you need to do to your home in early spring is different from what you have to do in May and November. With August in full swing, here are some things to tackle before the end of the month. 

Prune Dead Wood

August is the best time of the year to tidy-up perennials and clear trees of dead twigs and branches. This achieves two outcomes: first, you will have a more attractive yard, but, more importantly, you will also prepare your plants for next summer by removing anything detrimental to their health, allowing them to come back in optimum health.

Inspect Your Roof

Take advantage of the long daylight hours and fair weather to make sure your roof is ready for the fall and winter. Tip: by waiting until the end of the month, you are also likely to have better weather, as thunderstorms are increasingly less likely to occur the further through August you go.

Insect Watch

Those flying, biting pests tend to show up in greater numbers toward the end of the summer. Their eggs have been laid, hatched, and are now pumping the air full of things that want to sting you. Check your yard for nests, and safely remove them before it gets out of control. Top tip: citronella candles are a great and affordable way to manage critters at night time.

Check Your Furnace

It may be 95 degrees outside, but your furnace will be your best buddy before too long. Make sure it is in full working condition by checking it now, giving you time to implement any repairs before you need it. 

Inspect Walls and Basements for Moisture

It is common for moisture to be found in basements, but it can become a problem, especially if the source of the water is not visible (for example leaking pipes behind walls). Have your basement inspected each year. Costs range between $500 and $1,000, but the cost to repair is going to be a lot higher.

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