If you’re from Rhode Island, odds are you love it. But even lifelong residents of Warwick are surprised by how quickly family homes are selling once they come on the market. What’s behind this sudden buying frenzy? And what impact does this activity have on your Rhode Island home’s value?

For the answers to these questions, we turn to local real estate agent James Duffer. In his role at RISE REC, James helps homebuyers find their forever home. He also helps homeowners who are ready to sell their place get the best price quickly and efficiently. 

Buyers Are Willing to Spend Right Now

“One of the things that draws people to Warwick is its convenient location,” Duffer explained. “Especially if you’re looking for an affordable, quiet place to raise a family while still maintaining your career in the city. The highway’s right here and it’s a very manageable drive.” The pandemic has definitely influenced home buyers’ decision making processes. “The more you’re at home with your family, the more you appreciate the value of having a little extra elbow room. We’re seeing buyers who are used to the prices they see in other communities realizing how much space they can afford in Warwick and other nearby communities like Cranston and Cowesett.”

Thinking About Selling? Make Sure You Price Your Home Appropriately

In a hot real estate market, pricing your home appropriately is very important. If you set the price too low, the house might sell very quickly – and you might even receive offers above your asking price – but you’ll still miss out on some of the profit you could have realized. Set the price too high, and the sale process can take a frustrating long time. Finding the sweet spot that attracts buyers quickly while maximizing your profits becomes easier when you have the assistance of experienced real estate agents with extensive knowledge of the local market. 

Curious about what your Warwick home might be worth right now? Here’s where you can get some answers.