Top Tips for Keeping Your Pool Pristine

We’ve all dreamed the dream of sparkling water, clear as a diamond, but keeping your swimming pool looking like a crystal lake takes a little bit of effort and a whole lot of discipline. These top tips will help keep your pool pristine this summer!

  1. Become Your Own Einstein. Understanding the various chemicals and what they do is important. Developing a grasp of pool chemistry before you begin goes a long way. 
  2. Chlorine = Clean. Develop a regular cleaning routine and keep your water free of nasties. Powder and liquid chlorines help you to be accurate in your measurements.
  3. Keep an eye on the pH balance: pH dictates the clarity of your pool (as well as how comfortable it feels on the skin). Purchase pH Down and Alkalinity Balance to keep on top of it. 
  4. Test the Water: Test strips are your friend! Check your water every three or four days and make sure everything is where it needs to be.
  5. Be Good to Your Pump: Check on your pump once or twice a month to make sure it is not dirty. If it is, backwash until the water runs clear. Top tip: run your filter for 8-12 hours everyday.
  6. Get Some Tennis Balls: Want to get rid of the grease left over by sunscreen? Throw some tennis balls in the water and watch them soak it all up!
  7. Shock! Shock the pool twice a month to keep ahead of everything. Make sure to add it at night and let the pump run for 8 hours overnight.
  8. Day to Day Tasks: Skim the surface and brush steps, walls, and ladders.
  9. Got Skimmers? Depending on your pool type, you might have skimmers. To clean the skimmer basket, turn off the pool pump and empty the removable basket under the skimmer lid and replace. 
  10. Vacuum Your Pool. Pool vacuums are as cool looking as they are useful. Get one of these essential devices and run it once a week.

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