Everyone loves a lush lawn, but attaining and keeping up on those vibrant green tones takes just a little bit of TLC, especially in the heat of a New England summer! These handy tips will not only help you have the prettiest yard on the block, but will get you there without breaking the bank.

  1. Avoid Parking on Grass – sometimes, prevention is the best cure. Driving on grass results in soil compaction, leading to ground that is too dense to support life. And in the height of summer, try to avoid even walking on the grass, as the blades are already fragile from the heat. 
  2. Water! Water! Water! – lawns need at least an inch of water each week to stay healthy. Design a watering schedule and keep to it. If you can, place some sprinklers around the yard to lighten the load. Tip: water early in the morning to reduce fungal growth and evaporation.
  3. Sharpen Your Blade – dull blades rip and tear grass, rather than slicing and cutting. Make sure the blade on your mower is keen-edged before heading out. 
  4. Raise Your Blade – taller grass tends to be more drought resistant and grow deeper roots. Raise your blade to accommodate a 3”-4” cut.
  5. Leave the Trimmings – mulching your cut grass helps to maintain moisture levels across the lawn.
  6. Stop Fertilizing – it’s best to cease fertilizing your lawn around 30 days before the onset of summer weather. 
  7. Weed! Weed! Weed! – get ahead of the weeds and keep on top of them. Once those roots have gone deep, it can be difficult to remove all traces to prevent regrowth. If they get too much, try an organic weed killer that will not upset your lawn. 
  8. Keep Pets Away – if your pet uses the lawn as a bathroom, the yard will begin to show dead spots as urine kills grass. If you’re at this point, try flushing the area with water to shift the urine through the soil and away from the roots. 
  9. Tackle Grubs – many species of yard grub lay eggs in grass, typically in the early to midsummer. Ask your local Cooperative Extension System for the best time to put down grub control solutions in your part of the world. 
  10. Be Cool – avoid doing any lawn care or maintenance in the heat of the day. Perform all tasks in the morning or evening. 


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