British designer Sir Terence Conran said, “The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of the soul.” Your home’s “communal spaces”, like living rooms, can be particularly important areas to improve when you are looking to sell, as they are where your viewers will imagine themselves spending most of their time. Messy and disorganized rooms can make a bad impression on your buyer, right from the outset of a home visit. But our simple and low-cost activities can make all the difference!

Cut the clutter!

First of all, decluttering overcrowded spaces, and reorganizing shelves and surfaces can really improve the look of your rooms without you having to spend a cent; even investing in some cute wicker baskets or storage caddies will help to tidy at the same time as adding on trend accessories to your room.

Another neat trick is organizing and hiding TV or light cables by laying them along walls, or grouping them with cable ties, really smartening up your entertainment areas.

Make the most of the space you have.

Make a room welcoming by changing the layout of it. If you have a dual-purpose space, the sofa can be placed in the middle of the room to create two separated areas. Placing a desk behind it can be a great solution if working from home or if kids are involved, meaning you can work while watching them, as well as creating two separate “zones” for work and play. Or if you want to make a smaller space seem larger, keep larger furniture items to the edges of the room to create a less cramped feeling for your buyers.

And what about that awkward corner in your house that you just don’t know what to do with? Add an indoor plant for some verdancy, bring in some extra storage with a statement furniture piece or create a gallery wall with nice prints or family pictures using thrifted or mismatching frames.

There are plenty of ways to refresh the look of your living room with just a visit to a local home décor store here in Providence, RI.

You can change the “theme” of your living spaces without having to go for a full makeover. Striking colored scatter pillows on your sofa paired with a fluffy throw will add a touch of coziness, or you can tie a room together with a piece of art from a local Warwick artist! A new rug can be welcoming and warm and has the added bonus of protecting your floor. You could even go as far as breathing some life into old furniture by painting it or changing up the handles, mixing vintage and modern in your living room. Even by simply placing a comfortable armchair and a stand lamp beside the window, you can create a cozy reading corner. All these extra touches will give personality to living spaces and make your viewer feel at home before they even buy.

We guarantee, that if you follow the tips in this article, you can create a living space that your viewers will fall in love with. If you are now ready to sell and you would like some advice on how homes like yours are selling in Providence, Warwick or Lincoln RI, just get in touch with RISE today.