With the school year just around the corner, some families are already gearing up for distance learning in the fall semester. Not sure where to start? These essential tips will help you transform your home into a distance learning success story!

  • Allocated Space

It’s important to separate work from the everyday running of your home. Allocate a specific area of the property to be your child’s work space for all school tasks, including homework

  • Decorate Your Space

Make it your classroom! Your child is spending hours in the same place, so spend some time together to decorate it in a way that they enjoy.

  • Tech It Up!

Small things can make a world of difference. Headphones with an inbuilt-speaker will help with class interactions, while a working webcam can help your child to connect with their peers and teachers. Most laptops come with webcams, but an affordable but dependable model can be picked-up at BestBuy for around $40-$60.

  • Take Breaks

All work and no play makes for a dull and ineffective education. Be sure your child takes those lunch breaks to refuel and refocus before the next class

  • It’s Good to Talk

Zoom lessons can seem daunting, but everyone is in the same boat. Encourage your child to interact with their peers and teachers (if they feel comfortable).

  • Sound Proofing

You don’t have to cover the walls in foam, but placing a draft stopper under the door will help keep classroom sounds in one room (and other sounds out), helping children to focus on their lessons.

  • Think Outside

Fresh air feeds the mind. Get outdoors between lessons and go for a walk. 

  • Windows

If possible, place your child’s work area near a window to benefit from the natural light.

  • Remove Distractions

Is there a TV in the home classroom? Or maybe a landline telephone? Take away anything that might capture your child’s attention or interrupt their day. 

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