They create those amazing 3D tours of properties that everyone loves and knows, but Matterport cameras remain one of the most unsung heroes of the real estate world. With this remarkable piece of technology hitting its 10th anniversary, we decided to look back on a decade of Matterport at our sides.

2011: Matterport founded by Matt Bell, Mike Beebe, and Dave Gausebeck in Sunnyvale, California.

2012: Company raises $1.6m in seed money from Felicis Ventures, Red Swan, and Y Combinator, followed by a further $5.6m just over a year later.

2014: First camera, Matterport Pro 1, is released.

2015: Matterport launches the VR beta program to bring tours from flat 3D to immersive 3D.

2016: Firm launches add-on feature that can generate floor plans from the 3D captures.

2017: Matterport Pro2 camera is launched, retailing at $3,995, with additional features including 4K image capture, and 360-degree viewing within Google Street View.

2018: Matterport named 7th fastest growing private company in Silicon Valley. 

2019: Company raises $48m to enhance its 3D offerings of enclosed spaces, and appoints a new CEO, RJ PIttman of eBay, Apple, and Google, to spearhead the development.

2020: Matterport Pro2 is launched in Malaysia in partnership with Kuching-based firm, Intec Marketing Services. 

2021: Vinatha Kutagula is appointed Vice President of Customer Operations, overseeing relationships in over 130 countries.

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