At first, Claire J. thought the friendly masked person who stopped at the end of her driveway was interested in buying her son’s car. “He said “How much?” and I told him $8,500 because that’s what the asking price for his Mazda was. Then the man laughed and said, “No, for the property.”

Until that point, Claire hadn’t really considered selling the family home in Warwick. “So I said “You tell me,” just to see what he would say,” Claire responded. “It was more curiosity than anything.” The price the would-be buyer named shocked her in a very positive way. “I mean, I wouldn’t pay that much for this house, and I love this house! So I told that guy “Thanks but no thanks.” Then that night I told my husband John that maybe we should consider what selling the house now would do for our retirement plans.”

Not Sure I Wanted to Go It Alone

“After John and I talked, we did a little research to see what homes in our neighborhood were going for. It was an eye-opening experience, to be sure!” Claire said. “But when it came to actually putting our house on the market, and meeting buyers, and negotiating deals – talk about overwhelming. We knew we were going to have to sell the house at some point, but I just wasn’t prepared to undertake a project of this magnitude on my own.”

Find a Realtor Who Can Walk You Through the Entire Process

“I have to say the best advice we got was to choose a local real estate company.” Claire explained, “I talked to an agent from a national firm. She was very nice but she’d only been in the area a little over a year. I just feel like you can’t truly explain what’s good about the neighborhood and the advantages our home’s location has if you don’t really have that local understanding.”

“I had a lot of questions about what was involved in getting the house ready to sell,” she added. “What did I need to repair, things like that. It was helpful to have a realtor who just step by step walked me through what I needed to do. And then you get these different offers – you want to be sure you understand what you’re saying yes too. The best way to sell your home is to have someone who can do more than post your house on their website. You want a real supportive relationship with a real estate agent who’s looking out for you.”