Remote working is here to stay, with the number of workers permanently working from home expected to double by the end of the year. And with that comes home owning freedoms that were, at one time, simply out of reach for many of us.

It’s fair to say that life has changed quite considerably over the past eighteen months. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only six percent of workers worked from home. In May 2020, over one-third of the workforce were fully employed from home offices, with productivity both matching and excelling pre-pandemic returns. 

What does this mean for remote working homeowners? 

It means you can finally buy that four-bedroom home in the woods, far from the roads and rail links of daily commuter life. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and Rhode Island has you covered. According to Business Insider, “advanced” internet service is defined as download speeds of 25 megabytes per second (Mbps) or higher- Rhode Island’s state average comes in at a whopping 41 Mbps.

Why Rhode Island?

Alongside top Internet connectivity, Rhode Island has a lot to offer. With more than 400 miles of stunning coastline and beaches, the well-named Ocean State is also a hub of creativity, with theaters and all manner of live entertainment available throughout the year. Providence, the State capitol, is one of the oldest settlements in the nation, and the city’s stunning skyline takes in all eras of architectural design. The city is also home to Brown University, as well as a wealth of exceptional restaurants. Not about the beaches and streets? A significant amount of Rhode Island is given over to woodlands and lakes, all offering hiking, biking and, in some, fishing and hunting. 

Rhode Island is also centrally located, with Boston no more than a two-hour drive away, and excellent road connections via Interstates 95,184, 195, 295, 895 and Rt. 146. Thinking farther afield? T.F. Green Airport in Warwick has direct flights up and down the eastern seaboard, with New York City a three and a half hour drive to the south.


All this makes Rhody a haven for remote workers, whether singles, couples, or families. Alongside practical considerations, the State also has excellent beaches, endless state parks and woodlands, and some of the nation’s leading educational institutions.

Ready to make the move? Check our listings to find your dream home in our cosy, remote working paradise.

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