We have all heard of the importance of making your listing ready for an open-house, but how about getting that all-important attention in the first place? These top tips will help you maximize the appeal of your property for online browsers who make initial decisions based on photographs.

1. Staging – The Small Details

Always think “staging.” From the moment you decide to sell until the moment you exchange the keys to the buyer, ensure your property is dressed to impress. An essential way to achieve that is to sweat the small stuff. Clear away any clutter, including toys and pet accessories, to give your listing that spacious, minimalist look. 

2. Staging – The Big Details

And talking of looking spacious, does your current furniture layout lend itself to a shot that says, “roomy and attractive?” If not, consider rearranging your furniture to achieve a maximum space profile


3. Photographs – Ask a Professional

As with all things in life, it is advisable to seek the best when it comes to listing photographs. Ask your realtor to send their preferred or in-house photographer, and, if possible, to bring a Matterport Camera

4. Photographs – DIY Tips

If you are unable to secure the services of a professional, you can still take some great shots if you follow some simple steps:

  1. Ensure your lens is clean. Grab a microfiber cloth and remove any grease, smudges, or surface dirt.
  2. Put the lights on. Not only does light make a room look attractive, but feeds your camera the necessary rays to make the best of the technology.
  3. Think “angles.” Sometimes, taking a photograph “straight on” at eye-level is not the most flattering. Consider some different angles, including high in a corner, pitching towards the ground, to see what makes the room look spacious and most attractive.
  4. Think “perspective.” Take a couple of photographs in each room to ensure your realtor has options to pick from and place the best on the listing.

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