This month, we are going to look at each room of your house and suggest fantastic budget friendly home improvement ideas to quickly enhance market value and really wow your viewers. A small improvement can make a huge difference when selling your home; imagine you are a buyer; would you like to visit a fresh and tidy house? Of course you would! What’s better, all our tips are easily done with a quick visit to your local home improvement shops in Providence, RI.

First impressions count!

To start, we’ll focus on the front yard and the exterior of your house. A neat and uncluttered front yard, a freshly painted fence and an elegant front door will enhance your buyers’ first view of the house.

Think about a new landscaped pathway surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubs. You can create an inviting entrance which draws the viewer’s gaze to look towards the house in an afternoon by planting a range of colorful flowers and shrubs. Why don’t you check out our garden centers in Cranston, Warwick, or Coventry to see what’s in season and brighten up your front yard? So if you think your front yard is looking tired and could do with a spruce up, make sure to follow our blogs for this month!

Make your home feel welcoming on the inside too!

Next, we’ll focus on when your viewers are in the house. We’ll tell you how to show your buyers all your living space, by doing simple things like decluttering overcrowded spaces and amplifying the assets of your house, making your home feel loved and somewhere your buyers can imagine themselves living.

Do you have a slightly bigger budget to Invest in your property?

The kitchen is a key room in a house and the one that can really enhance market value, so small improvements can really make the difference to the value you achieve for your home. Our series will cover kitchen upgrade ideas that won’t break the bank. From simple things like replacing any cracked tiles with new ones, to installing new on-trend lighting, modernizing your kitchen quickly.

Or you might be interested in creating a cozy living space for your viewers. A neutral paint color in your living room will make the space lighter and bigger; paired with wall mirrors to accentuate the space even further, will help buyers to imagine how their new house could look.

Once you get started, it is hard to stop identifying places around the house that need a little TLC, but when you’re ready, RISE estate agents will help you sell your home easily and professionally. Get in touch with RISE to sell your home.