According to real estate experts, there are a few home improvements that will really impress buyers and the kitchen is a great place to focus on.

According to real estate experts, there are a few home improvements that will really impress buyers and the kitchen is a great place to focus on.

Let there be light!

Why not change those dark-colored, tired-looking curtains for transparent alternatives or on-trend blinds; you can even make a DIY Roman blind yourself in a few hours. This will stop direct sun, whilst maximizing the amount of light that can be let in. Just choose a nice fabric, in an eye-catching, complimentary color to make your windows the focal point. You can also purchase new under-cabinet lighting solutions for a few bucks and install them yourself. Alternatively, a statement pendant light or a sconce could also add a three-dimensional appeal to your kitchen.

Even adding statement mirrors to the dining area of the kitchen can really change a viewer’s perspective on the size of the kitchen and will nicely reflect the new lights you’ve just added!

Make the most of your weekend with some on-budget DIY projects which will really revamp your kitchen.

The kitchen is a key room in a house and the one that can really enhance market value, so small improvements can make a huge difference to the value you achieve for your home. Replace any cracked tiles with new ones, or freshen up any tired paint, modernizing your kitchen quickly. These can be installed in a weekend; even someone new to DIY can do it.

Creative kitchen storage can change the look of your kitchen; for example, wall-mounted pots and pan hangers or matching storage caddies for your herbs and spices. Make sure you also de-clutter work tops, by storing any unnecessary kitchen appliances under counters, maximizing space as much as possible.

Don’t over-do it though, you don’t want to transform your house into a hotel room. Show your home’s personality!

Trim work and crown molding are one-weekend activities that can really transform the look of a room. Moldings with a high-gloss white finish will further increase the illusion of larger dimensions by making the ceilings look higher.

Update kitchen cabinets or simply paint existing ones to really freshen up the space. If your kitchen has beautiful wood like cherry, mahogany, or oak, invest in a professional semi-transparent stain to enhance the natural beauty and give an organic appeal to your cabinets and surfaces. Even better, oil-based lacquers will provide an extra layer of protection from moisture damage and splashes whilst you’re cooking!

Thinking about spending some extra money to improve your kitchen? What about new countertops? There are a host of wallet-friendly options which boast the same visual allure as their more expensive counterparts, such as include laminate, engineered quartz, or even solid wood effect. What about a stand-alone kitchen island or cabinets from your local flea market? This can be a cost-friendly feature for an island-less kitchen and is really on trend right now.

Let your creativity show!

For a final touch, spice up the environment with a bit of bespoke wall art, add a verdant touch with the presence of a few plants or opt for a statement lampshade over your kitchen island or dining table to really bring the room together.

Kitchens really are the heart of the home, so if you would like some advice on how homes like yours are selling in Warwick RI, just get in touch with RISE today.