According to new research, the average American will spend 36 years in bed over the course of their lifetime; that’s a lot of time in spent in the bedroom!

So it’s essential that it’s a place that feels relaxing and cozy. Read on to hear what simple DIY tips we recommend for making your bedroom your favorite room.

Let’s start with simple and cost-free ideas. You can try to reposition beds and bigger furniture to give a fresh look to your bedroom. Have you tried to move the bed against the wall? Of course, this can be tricky in a master bedroom, but with a single bed it can be a solution to free-up some space, especially in smaller rooms. Also, if you get rid of furniture you don’t need, or make sure furniture you have in the room doubles up as storage; piles of clothes lying around make a room look messy and unwelcoming to potential buyers.

Speaking of clothes, why not donate some older clothes or have a yard sale to clear out some space in your bedroom? Also, storing out-of-season clothes and bedlinen elsewhere, like the loft or investing in vacuum pack bags, could be a perfect solution to declutter a crowded bedroom.

Refresh your bedroom with easy, budget-friendly DIY ideas. 

A simple fix is to paint the walls with a new neutral color, making the room look bigger and brighter, while creating a blank canvas for viewers to imagine putting their own stamp on it. Adding statement artworks from a local Providence artist on the walls can create an elegant space with personality.

Light and bright!

Mirrors work in tandem with light to make smaller rooms look bigger, place them in darker parts of the bedroom to make the space feel lighter and bigger; you might be able to pick up a larger, ornate mirror that you could use as a statement piece at one of Warwick’s local flea markets or thrift stores. You can also think about replacing darker curtains with transparent ones will maximize the amount of light into the room too.

And don’t forget about lighting! Choose warmer colored bulbs to make the room feel cozier; the warmer bulbs are also easy on the eye at nighttime and more conducive to sleep.

Don’t forget to accessorize.

Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so make it stand out! Try adding new pillows, a fuzzy blanket or patchwork throws to your bed for a warm feeling, or opt for a new bedset to freshen up the room without breaking the bank.

Add a splash of color if you have a wooden floor, by adding a rug beside the bed which can protect the floor while adding cozy touch; perfect for those cold Providence winter mornings when you first swing your feet out of bed.

Lastly a potted plant can add a touch of life and serenity to a room; take a look at some local garden centers in Lincoln, Cranston or Warwick to pick up some on-trend plants or succulents.

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