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Watch and learn from seasoned and experienced real estate professionals. Whether buying, selling, investing, or just researching, you’re sure to find useful information!

First Time Homebuyer Series

Renting vs. Buying

Why buying a property is not only better than renting, but possibly less expensive!


Learn why getting your pre-approval before you start looking cuts down on frustration and increases the chances of getting the home you love!

Starting Your Home Search

Now you have your pre-approval but where do you go from here? Learn about where to look, how to look, and what kinds of things can effect your monthly payment!

Submitting Your First Offer

You’ve seen the house, you love the house! Now what? Learn the process of submiting your first offer!

The Good Idea Fairy

So far we’ve told you all the thinsg you should do. Here are some things you shouldn’t do (and in some cases, can’t do) while buying a home!

Congratulations! You’re a Homeowner!

Now what? Maintenance, upgrades, repairs. Your relationship with your Realtor® doesn’t end at your closing! From tips and tricks to a large network of partners, we’ve got you covered!

Veteran Loan Series

A House to Call Home

VA loans can make your home ownership deams come true. Kyle Graves and his family are one of those Veteran success stories.

VA Loans: The Reality

Veteran loans are readily available, but not everyone who is eligible takes advantage of these incredible programs. Meet our expert, veteran-led team, and learn how we can help you become a home owner without breaking the bank.

Home Sellers Series

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

It’s a seller’s market! Like the nation as a whole, Rhode Island is in a ideal spot to sell your house. These tips and tricks will get you started!

Your Listing Consultation

You want to sell your home… now what? You’ve got to get it ready for market! Learn what you can expect from your listing consultation, what it is for, and how to maximize your sale with some handy tips and tricks!

Determining the Value of YOUR Home

Your house is ready to sell, you’re eager to move… but how much are you going to net from the transaction? These tips and tricks not only explain how the value process works, but also provide quick and easy suggestions to get the most from your property!

Establishing Home Sale Timelines

You’re selling! Now what? Learn how to establish your selling timeline (and what to expect) in this essential guide from your top Realtor team at RISE Real Estate Consultants.

Getting Your Home on the Market and Buying Your New One

It’s that last step, but such an important one! This integral part of the process must be done in tandem, as James and Yvonne go over all the essential details in this final Home Sellers episode. PS. Check-out James’s amazing yellow pants!

RISE Market Updates

April, 2021 Market Update

BIG news this month, especially for owners of multi-family homes, condos, and suburban houses.

May, 2021 Market Update

HUGE news this month (looking at homeowners out there!) with this being an OPTIMUM time to SELL your home in New England!

June, 2021 Market Update

Have you heard? Sell your house this month and make BANK on your investment (the market is THAT hot) – 17% increase hot! 🔥🔥

July, 2021 Market Update

SELL SELL SELL and earn $$$ way over normal market values for your property! Last month, single family homes saw a 5.5 percent increase in value… in just ONE month. Yes, the market is THAT hot 🔥🔥 (plus SO much more) Don’t miss out!

August, 2021 Market Update

The market is *still* on fire! 🔥🔥 This month, it’s all about the luxury market (looking at you, #Newport, #Jamestown, #LittleCompton, #Charlestown), with out-of-state buyers seeking $1m properties! In the single family market, you won’t believe the median sales price for August! It’s incredible 🤩🤩 – the time to cash in is now! 💰💰

RISE City Guides

Warwick City Guide

Beautiful Warwick has it all. From restaurants and bars, to parks, beaches, and beautiful neighborhoods, Warwick is one of the most well-rounded cities in all of Rhode Island. It literally has something for everyone! Featuring: Iggy’s, Shannon View Inn, Oakland Beach, Warwick City Park, Rocky Point, Bald Hill Shops, and T.F. Green International Airport.

Woonsocket City Guide

Historic Woonsocket oozes character. From cool converted mill lofts, to a waterfront peppered with bars and restaurants, “Woony” is a vibrant city in the middle of its own culture shift. What does all this mean? The time to buy in Woonsocket is now, before the market catches up and prices go through the roof! Featuring: Second World War Memorial Park, Polar Express, Rockstar Gym, River Falls, Ciro’s, and Stadium Theatre.

East Greenwich City Guide

East Greenwich has it all! From award-winning restaurants, to a stunning waterfront and high-end, boutique stores, this beautiful village on the bay is one of the state’s treasures.

Exclusive Videos

Anglesea, Warwick

Anglesea is a beautiful condominium community on Warwick Neck. Buyers are eager to buy, and sellers are motivated to sell!

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