Enhance market value of your home with some simple DIY updates for your bathroom. 

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can be a tricky room when it comes to DIY. But don’t worry, you don’t need an extreme makeover to make your bathroom look gorgeous to potential buyers who want to soak away their stress.

You can start with small budget friendly improvements. An old looking shower curtain covers a large space in the room so will immediately draw the eye of any viewers, but not in a good way! Think about swapping it in for a statement curtain which matches the colors of the room or has a funky on trend pattern to put across your personality? What about a fancy, luxurious touch to your shower? Change your showerhead for a drench style one to really make your bathroom feel a notch above the rest.

Like other rooms, strategically placed lights and mirrors can really help, especially in smaller bathrooms without windows. Don’t sacrifice natural light with curtains over windows, instead add privacy film with a nice pattern to windows. If you don’t have much natural light, change your older lamp with undercabinet LED strips, or replace your colder lightbulbs with warmer ones for a more welcoming touch. Mirrors can be placed strategically on the doors of your wall cabinets, making the room look brighter and bigger while adding some storage space. If you have a bit more space, you could pick up a statement or vintage mirror from a local Providence thrift store to add even more personality to your bathroom!

Fancy a visit to your local home improvement shop in Providence RI? You can find a lot of DIY solutions for your bathroom.

If your bathroom units look a bit old, there is no need to change them. Furniture paint is all you need. Many brands exist on the market which will ensure a high-quality finish that can withstand humid rooms like bathrooms. Even replacing the old, fraying or mold spotted silicone around your bath or sink with will help freshen up the bathroom- this is very easily stripped and replaced in a matter of minutes but can take years off your bathroom.

Feel creative? There are plenty of ways to modernize an old piece of furniture or create a new one from scratch.

You can find cheap furniture that, with a bit of TLC and DIY creativity, can be a new addition to your bathroom. An old wood ladder can become a rustic towel hanger; pair this with some new fluffy towels in complimentary colors to your bathroom’s theme. Repainting an old picture frame can also be a good idea for placing around an already hanging mirror. What about building a new wall cabinet or storage box? Roll up your sleeves and tackle a weekend project that can really improve your bathroom.

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