“On some level, we all know that our parents are getting older,” Finn said. “The expectation is there that we’ll help them take care of things when they need help. I was just shocked at how quickly that can happen.” Finn’s father passed away a few years ago, and recently, his mother, who lives just outside of Warwick, RI, developed significant health issues. “It’s no longer safe for her to live at home,” Finn explained. “We found a great new place for her, which is fantastic. But now we need to sell her home. I’m in Virginia, which means I can’t just pop up there to meet with buyers. What’s the strategy for someone in my situation?”

Advice from a Warwick, RI Realtor: When Your Parents Need Help, Get Them The Best Care You Can

“The decision to sell the family home and move into senior housing is never an easy one,” says Yvonne Sousa, a Rhode Island real estate agent. “This can be a very emotional time for families. One way that adult children can support their parents through this process is by finding a highly qualified local realtor who can simplify the process of selling the home. By making sure everything is handled properly and that the property is effectively marketed to qualified buyers, a good realtor ensures that the family can focus on helping the parents transition happily into their new living situation and not spend a lot of time stressed out about the house.”

When choosing a realtor, in addition to experience and reputation, you want to be sure they’re willing and qualified to work with your family’s unique situation. “When the person responsible for the sale is geographically distant or has limited availability, you want a realtor who is a confident, effective communicator,” Sousa said. “Having a strong partner who’s focused on selling the house and keeping you appraised of all relevant developments without wasting your time is essential.” Choosing the right real estate agent can have a direct impact of the selling price of your parents’ home, which has an obvious impact on their immediate financial plans. “That’s why it’s worth your time to research realtors carefully,” Sousa said. “You’re only going to sell the house once. Choose the realtor who will do the best job for you and your parents.”